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Founder Keith Skogstrom leverages his knowledge and experience from years training under woodworking masters to extend into creative and unique projects. Beyond classic carpentry, eclectic sculptural work and creative passion projects are common client pursuits within the Geodesic Designs shop. 


Client process

Geodesic Designs brings concept to reality through a client/owner collaborative customization process. From the point of contact to the finished product, the hospitable work flow is founded in detail-oriented ownership. 


Reach out with a basic description of your project, design intention, and contact information.


We schedule a site visit to further discuss details, questions, timelines, and requirements. 


We then provide a proposed budget, production schedule, material specifications, and project scope for consideration.


With a confirmed budget and schedule, we proceed to take final measurements and provide drawings and specifications. 


We then work with designers, contractors, and owners to facilitate a smooth completion of the project. 

Bring your vision to reality. 
Tell us what you have in mind.

We'll get back to you soon!

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